Some of the best and unique features

This could be something that you don't know that you Don't Know!

Navicarna becomes a life partner for your car by providing your Service centres near you, Navicarna AMC, Pre-Owned Cars. Your can Also Buy and Sell Used car and look for New car

Automatic Services and Product Compatibility

Automatically display the services rate and products only for your car.

Add Multiple Cars...

You may own more than 1 or be the smart person to help your friends and family to service their car!

Delivery Time Estimate

Automatic delivery time estimate based on your service requests and selected appointment instantly!

Near you!

Everything you need for your car should be near you and Exactly thats what we do!

Increase Car's Resell Value

Navicarna's Maintenance History of your car will help you sell your car faster and with added value

Compare before you order

Select better service centre with one touch for your order before you even place the order

Everything your car needs in a single app

Here's what you will use navicarna app for

Your First Glance at the App

“One Stop Shop for your Car”

Everything you will every need for your car at your fingertip.

More features you might be looking for…

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You can book your appointment in advanced!

Latest car and their review

Find all the latest cars, read their review and check various model versions. if you like it just click on enquire and buy it.

Pickup & Drop

Hassle-free life for you and your car from our supported partners

Credit, Debit Card and Mobile Wallets

Navicarna Supports mobile wallet payments, BHIM ( UPI ), Credit cards, Debit cards, net banking, Cash Card, etc.


You can pay for your service from our available partners, Instantly. No need to wait for anything..

Secret Feature when Service centres rejects your order

We have a secret feature available just in case something goes wrong. with this feature you will believe Navicarna's commitment towards Trust and Quality