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Why it is needed?

Many of us spend more time in your cars. And that is why, it is important to clean the interior of a car along with regular exterior cleaning.

1. Preserve Value in your car

Unlike old days, it is very rare to keep vehicle for years nowadays. These days we switch our cars more often. So, there are great chances you will exchange or sell off your car someday. Thus, you need to make sure you get most profit accessible for your significant investment. For this you will need to take perfect care of your car and consistently maintain its interior as well as its exterior.

2. Prevention and Removal of Stains

There are various distinctive surfaces in your car and they contain a wide range of materials. The interior of your car consists Leather, carpets, vinyl, different fabrics and plastics. These make your car look good but often it gets very dirty though it seems clean to your eyes.

We spend significant time in our cars and stains happen, often, especially if you have kids in the car. Cleaning properly your car’s interior on a regular basis will take care of all those stains and can also help prevent them if you apply the right cleaning and maintenance products for each of the surfaces in your car.

3. Disinfecting your car’s interior

In a day we frequently touch a few surfaces inside of our cars like ignition, clutch, steering wheel, seat belts stereo. Have you ever cleaned your hands while touching these surfaces? In addition to that, we also eat and drink in the cars. Have you ever wondered how clean your car is? The fact is, your car is dirtier than it shows up. Getting your car’s interior cleaned by experts will help sanitize your car as they know the right products to use in the cleaning process. Also, they know the right way to clean the car’s technical components. Thus, its always advisable to get your car’s interior cleaned from the professionals.

4. Protect Upholstery from Environmental Damage

If you have your windows tinted already, harmful sun rays is less of a problem but if not, it’s important to know that the UV rays from the sun are intense, especially in the summer. Windshields tend to provide more protection from the damage as compared to the side windows because they use glass that underwent a different, less expensive treatment than what is required for the windscreen. These rays can damage the interior of your car. Harmful sun rays and pollutants from the atmosphere have a major part in damaging the interior upholstery fabrics, materials in a long run.

Getting your car interior done by professionals will address the damaged upholstery if any and prevent the potential damage from happening. They properly clean the seating, carpeting and other complex interior areas with the right maintenance products.

5. Keep Allergies away

It is highly recommended to get a car’s detailed interior cleaning job done from time to time as its always easy to maintain a clean car than to handle a dirty one. Usually we fail to notice the small corners of our car where tiny bits of food or remnants from drinks can rest and pile up over a long run.

Using a proper vacuum cleaning technique will clear out all this dirt and potential bacterial growth which will keep you and your passengers away from any allergies.



Steps for Interior car cleaning:


1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming is the principle step in car interior cleaning.

Even if you drive your car very frequently, dirt will anyway accumulate inside of your car. With the use of vacuum, this loose dirt can be cleaned.

Materials needed: Car vacuum cleaner.

  • First remove the floor mats, lift them carefully, take them outside the car and dust it off by beating them against a wall. This will remove the dust accumulated over it.


  • It’s now a time to vacuum. Attach the vacuum cleaner and run the cleaner on the mats as well as the entire carpeted surface to completely remove the loose dirt. Then run it over cushions and seat covers, areas around the driver’s pedal, under the seats and anywhere else dust and dirt might collect.


  • Once all the carpet and fabrics have been cleaned, vacuum all the edges inside the car.



2. Plastic and Vinyl Cleaning

Cleaning vinyl surface of a car is the next step in car interior cleaning. It is also as important as floor cleaning.

Materials needed: Microfiber cloth and a mild vinyl cleaner.

  • First step is to wipe the vinyl and plastic surfaces using a clean cloth. This will remove the dust growth.


  • Now take the vinyl cleaner on the cloth and wipe the plastic and vinyl surfaces. In this step clean stains if any. Then wipe all the areas like dashboard, door panels, glove box, Central console.


Warning: Do not apply the vinyl cleaner directly on the steering wheel as it may cause the wheel to become slippery, which may cause problems while driving.



3. Cleaning leather

Leather seats are very common in cars. Its essential to sufficiently clean leather to keep it to prevent cracks and tears and also to protect it from fungal growth.

Materials needed: Leather cleaner, leather conditioner and microfiber cloth.

  • Take some leather cleaner onto the clean cloth and wipe all the leather surfaces. Now let it dry. Make sure you clean it thoroughly.


  • Finally take a new clean cloth. Take some leather conditioner on it and apply it on the leather surface. Cover all the surface area. Now let it dry completely.



4.Crystal clear windows

This is the easy part of interior cleaning.  It will remove the dust from the windows.

Materials needed: Glass cleaner, microfiber cloth and a clean cloth.

  • Spray a good amount of glass cleaner onto a clean cloth. Do not spray it directly on the window surfaces as it can stain the other cleaned surfaces.


  • Wipe the cloth over the window surface in an up-and-down motion, and then in a side-to-side motion. For side windows, rub the cloth inside the surface, and then roll down the window.


  • Make sure to also clean the window edge. Roll the window down to a few inches, and wipe the edges well using the cloth sprayed with the cleaner. Follow the same process for all windows.

If the window surface is wet, use a separate microfiber cloth to dry them. Finally, after you have finished cleaning the interior, put the floor mats.



5. Air Vents

Air vent grills are not too difficult to clean but can be extremely tedious.

Materials needed: a soft, long bristle brush and a Can of compressed air.

  • With the help of the brush, wipe off as much of the vent grill as possible. This will remove most of the dust.


  • Now fire a few jets of air from the compressed Air Can onto the grill.



Servicing your car regularly will help you reduce the running cost of your car and it will keep your car internally clean. Using Navicarna App you can place order for wheel alignment and balancing as well as exterior cleaning of your car in addition to  regular car service at low cost near you.

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