Exterior Car Cleaning

Necessity of every car

Why it is needed?
Nothing can replace the joy of driving new car home from showroom. Along with the time and use of car, the outside of your car gets dull and full of dust.
To keep your car looking like a new, it is a good idea to visit a car washing station near your area for car cleaning. With the help of your Navicarna app, choose a station that will improve your car to look fresh like new one by exterior cleaning. To feature the advantages of going to an expert of washing car, here is a glance at why outside car cleaning is so important.


Exterior Car Cleaning

1. Remove Dust and Dirt
It is the most important thing. cleaning exterior of your car is the most ideal approach to remove dust, dust, and different types of unattractive material from the external surfaces of your car.
As you drive, soil and pollutants continuously develop on your car’s paint work. With the assistance of an expert car washing station, you will ensure that your car is looking great.

2. Protect the Exterior Paint
When you get a wash and wax for your car, you might have the capacity to ensure the outside paint work. A layer of wax makes a layer on the external surface between your car’s paint and the particulate matters.
By doing a job to apply a fresh layer of wax at regular time, you can go far towards ensuring your wonderful paint work.

3. Preserve Resale Value
If in a case you are thinking about selling of your car imagine that you might need to offer your car later on, external car cleaning is an incredible method to increase its resale price. A consistently washed and waxed car looks more attractive to potential customers.

What’s more, by keeping a new layer of wax on your car, you can save your car from unattractive scratches that affects the cost and looks of your car.



Things to Consider Before Servicing Your Car?

1. Location

The first question comes is that where do you live? Are you living near industrial area, nearby sea, an area surrounded by forest or construction sites or regions with a lot of bugs and insects? Is there a lot of dust particles in the air? Are you living in an urban area with a lot of pigeons around?

2. Frequency and Distance of Your Drive

How often do you use your car? Do you use your car regularly or on the occasional cases only? The more you drive your car, the more it is exposed to dirt, dust, mud, bugs and other environmental pollutants. This lead to affect the paint of your car

3. Weather

What is the weather condition in an area where you took your car? Heavy rains or the sunny days? Do you travel from one weather region to another region occasionally?

4. Parking Area of Your Car

Do you keep your car in a closed garage? Is your car stays in an open space or under the tree ?



Here is how you can do Exterior Cleaning:

1. Thorough hand wash including high pressure cleaning

In spite of the fact that most washing centres begin car cleaning with inside and out pre-cleaning which dispenses with coarse dust, an in depth pressurised wash should not be done without in the exterior cleaning. Most of the time, a high-pressure cleaner is used here to which an appropriate cleaner has been added. For hand wash, it will be good to use a car shampoo which removes the dirt and also loosens dust present on the car.

Along with this, the advantage of hand wash is that you can specially detects thick dirt and can purposefully eliminate it. After this working step, your car will looks as new as like you want to.


2. Wheel rim cleaning and rim sealing

Rim is another important part of exterior looks of car. Rims are many a times very important for the look of a car. There different types of rims for example in steel, aluminium or chrome even though the actual function of the rim is very simple. The shining of rim added new dimension to the car.

Car cleaners are also aware of this fact and due to this they pay special attention to each rim. They generally use a high pressure jet to remove a sticky dust.  If necessary, some spots must be washed manually in case particularly stuck dirt is nested in the rim.


3. Removal of tar, insects and rust film

Cars show exceptionally uncommon contaminants that one can just clean utilizing particular cleaners. These incorporate tar stains, dead insects and rust film. If these dusts have not yet be eliminated during pre-cleaning or shampoo wash for car, the car detailing specialist must try other resources. For example a tar cleaner or an insect remover or a rust film remover will help you to get rid of thick stains.
It is obvious that, one should always make sure not to damage the underlying materials. It means that cleaning should be such that one must not damage the original colour of the body. Particularly on painted surfaces, it is necessary to be very careful and not to work with too much pressure.


NC4. Polish and seal the Car

When you talk about exterior washing, it is not about only using shampoo and cleaning a car. You should protect and treat the paint with care using a polish and a sealing wax. While doing it, there should not be any scratch or removal on the car.
To eliminate small scratches and weathering, every car owner likes to use an intensive abrasive polish. The abrasive paper removes the thick marks and will help to keep surface as inline with the original one.
Subsequently, the effect is preserved using an abrasive polish finish or a similar sealer and at the same time, a protective film is generated which cannot be easily penetrated by wind and weather.

And the last step in abrasive polishing is to do shine your car so that it improves the looks.


5. Full deep gloss with machine polish

In order to give special effect to some uses machine polishing. It also improves the smoothness as rotation of the sponge attached wheel gives additional benefits to the surface of your car.
During car cleaning, these machines often help attain impressive results since machine polishing helps in eliminating all defects and unevenness from the previous paint. However, it is important that, the use of such machines requires some experience and only a person who is aware of it should do it.
In some cases it is seen that paint is being removed by the operator while performing polishing by machine. It is because of heat generated while doing the action. Therefore, always keep in mind that your car exterior polishing must be done by an expert.

6. Cleaning and sealing plastic and rubber

Usually it is not possible to clean all the parts that are visible from outside. Also, there are plastic and rubber parts that require special attention. A good car service centre is that which concentrate on those small things.
For plastic parts such as door sills, fenders or side mirrors, it is always better to use a special cleaner which, on the one hand, cleans effectively but, on the other hand, is gentle to the material and even protects it from future soiling. The purpose of doing such is to take proper care of it.
A rubber cleaner helps it clean very effectively. Sometimes we can use a combined product for rubber and plastic care.


7. Tyre care: for a deep black

Have you seen shiny tyres after washing being done?  This is obtained using a Tyre foam during car polishing. It not also helps in improving the shine but also to remove dust from the Tyre.
Also, tyre foam protects tyres from bleaching and prevents crack formation and embrittlement. In addition, the special formula protects from UV irradiation and weathering effects and additionally provides the shiny black that gives the tyres great looks in interaction with the rims and the paint.


8. Windscreen cleaning: Unhindered view even from the outside

It is always important that the windshield of your car must be clean in order to make your driving safe. Clean dust and scratch less windows are the important for driving without light breaking and blurred field of vision. you can use a high-quality windscreen cleaner to clean all glass panels during car detailing. It removes dust and and other particles to make good vision. A good washing centre is one where windscreen cleaners do not leave streaks and stripes. On the contrary, special ingredients make sure that rain and splash water can run off better letting you drive safely down the road.
Also, it is equally important to apply the same cleaners for the outside mirrors, which should always be clean not only from the aspect of safety but also because the shiny look is simply appealing.



Check how you can clean your car internally and use Navicarna app to order your exterior cleaning hassle free in addition to the variety of different packs to suit your choice.






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