Common Man irritatedA common problem of a common man

Buying a shiny new car from the authorised dealer and then the first few free service experience is served exactly just like a dream of a common man. It meets your expectation and you too care for your car and only use the authorised service centres. Once your free service is over the nightmare starts and your car service bill grows big for no reason.  A similar experience happened with me when i went to service my car from authorised service centre. They quoted me a hefty amount for a regular service of my car.


Happy Cost Money

Low Cost option

As any customer would do i checked for other low cost options with the same quality of service. I found that Local and other branded Service centres were providing same quality of service. But they were providing it at 1/4th of the quoted price by the Authorised Service centre. Servicing the car from other service centre was good experience and low cost option but with some difference in the experience than the authorised service centre.


Filling the gap with Trust, Transparency and Technology

This is a problem for many car owners. It happened during the early 2015 when various food delivery apps and Cab Service companies were on the rise in their business with the use of technology. There was lack of transparency of rates from unbranded Service centres.In addition to that they also lack customer’s trust. That’s when we decided to form Navicarna to fill in the gap with trust and transparency for low cost option to service car by using the technology.

Trust Transparency idea

– Pratik S. Dhole                      

Founder & CEO, Navicarna