Origin of the name navicarna

” Navikarna + Carna “


” Navicarna “

Navicarna believes in the learning from every ancient culture. The name “Navicarna” has its roots deep down in various ancient languages.

Sanskrit Navikarna Name“नवीकरण” (Navikarna) is from Indian ancient language, Sanskrit! It has multiple meanings such as to update, to Renew, to refresh and to repair.

( Sanskrit is the ancient language in Hinduism having origin in south Asia. Other religions like Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism also widely use Sanskrit. It is said to be originated in second millennium BCE. Sanskrit has a huge literature consisting of poetry, drama, religious, philosophical, also scientific and technical texts. People call Sanskrit, the mother of all the other Indian languages. Since the native languages of India are the descendants of Sanskrit. It is also the origin of many words of other foreign languages. )


Greek Carna Navicarna NameWhereas the name “Carna” has various meanings from different languages. ” Carna”  is Greek goddess who is a protector of vital organs like heart. Carna also is a Roman goddess of locks (someone who can open any lock).

( Greek language is originated in eastern Mediterranean region in the 9th century BC. Ancient Greek language is also the origin of majority of the English words. Greek literature is also comprises of poetry, stories, history, philosophy, mythology, science and mathematics.Ancient Greek literature consists of a huge list of divine and semi-divine mythological figures. Carna is one of them. )



” Navicarna ” originates by the Combination of Navikarna (नवीकरण)  and Carna with their meanings .


Navicarna means repair, renew, maintain your car and protect your car’s vital organs. Navicarna helps you to find the solution to all your car related problems.

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