Petrol Diesel price hike

Fuel Price Hike ? Increase cars Fuel efficiency and Save money!!

Petrol and diesel fuel prices continue to soar and touch peaks in India currently. Daily fuel price hike have made a huge impact on car owners budget. While the government of India takes the action on fuel price hike, here are some tips for you to increase cars fuel efficiency and save money.  Increasing efficiency of your car Depends on various factors which can be controlled and optimised for the highest fuel efficiency.


Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save moneyCar is an important part of our life nowadays. Fast moving life, ease in loan process and convenience are the main reasons when one think of buying car. As price of both petrol and diesel are rising day by day, people are approaching more towards fuel efficient cars.

Many a times car buyer tell that they aren’t getting mileage they promised. At the same time some claim mileage more than average. How does it happen? We are going to tell you some simple techniques to improve your car mileage,

Maintaining Car Condition:


1. Regular Servicing

Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save moneyWhen you purchase a car, manufacturer provides you a manual of car. It contains all the necessary information about your car. In a book, you will find a table having service information about your car.

It is recommended that engine oil must be changed as per recommendation of manufacturer irrespective of use and time.Clean engine oil ensures smooth functioning of pistons and so relative parts.

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Servicing your car regularly keeps your car in condition and helps increase cars fuel efficiency. Although sometimes it can be expensive to service from authorised service centres. You can book your cars service nearby with Navicarna with full trust and transparency to  save money!

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2. Tyre Pressure & Tyre Condition

Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save moneyTyres are the only parts of car which comes directly in contact with the road condition. The first part of the car affected by road conditions are tyres. Flat tyres cause hurdle in running freely on road and it cost too much fuel while acceleration. It happens so because of worn out tyre threads.

Manufacturers give suitable tyre pressure for the car in the manual. Excess pressure causes bursting of tyres on high speed. Also, low pressure consumes more fuel, as it becomes hard for the car to find smooth running. So, its important to maintain your car’s tyre pressure and condition to increase efficiency of your car.


Driving Habits


1. Too Hard on Acceleration

Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save moneyIt is often seen on road that some drivers accelerate too much. The unnecessary acceleration leads to extra burning of fuel. It is due to car consumes more intake of fuel than normal acceleration. We suggest you to always maintain gear to speed ratio and don’t try to become early running bird. Steady acceleration also maintains constant rpm which gives good mileage on board.




2.  Avoid Too Much Braking

When we apply breaks, engine stays running idle. It puts pressure on engine to stop and re-accelerate. And while re-accelerating engine take more fuel than normal.


3. Avoid Excess Engine Idling

Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save moneyKeeping engine idle and waiting to start for a journey is foolish idea. Without covering single km car consumes fuel and that too with high on pocket. Always try to switch off engine when you stop at one place for more than 3 minutes.




4. Follow Ideal Speed Condition

Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save moneyManufacturers produces engine with more capacity. Cars nowadays can easily reach up to 100 km/hr within short time. Going beyond 100 always increases risk and puts high pressure on the engine which leads it to consume more fuel. This ultimately reduces efficiency of your car. 80 km/hr is an ideal speed where one assures an average fuel mileage on road.





5. Shift to Highest Gear

Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save moneyWhen you are low on gear and high on rpm, your engine finds it hard to be efficient. Engine tries too hard to consume less fuel. Higher the transmission lesser the friction and ease in power transmission. Your car receives more rpm and low power at higher gear and at lower gear it acts exactly opposite.





Advance Planning of Long Trips

Always try to fix your route whenever you plan for a long trip irrespective of fuel price hike. A known route will save you from running extra miles in searching. This trick will save your fuel and time too. Ultimately it will save money. As you do not have to search for the place, with uniform speed you can maintain efficiency of your car.

Increase cars fuel efficiency during price hike and save money

Always Try to Avoid These Areas to Increase Cars Fuel Efficiency,

1. Crowded Market

Crowded market means most probably you will be ideal on one position. And it will cost you in terms of fuel burning. So, if possible try to use different routes instead of crowded one. Parking vehicle few distance behind is also a good option you can opt for.

2. Narrow Roads

Narrow roads put your car on low gear as you can’t accelerate. So, instead prefer another road where you can easily run your vehicle on high gears.


This is how you can save money during fuel price hike by increasing efficiency of your car.


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