What is Wheel Alignment?

Alignment of wheels implies that each one of the wheel of the Car should be adjusted in the way they ought to be. With time and utilisation of the Car, these settings normally change in accordance to keep them appropriately aligned.  Proper wheel alignment for a Car assumes a critical part in the progression of the vehicle in movement.

In fact, it is to ensure that the geometric edges of Caster, Camber and Toe are right in a tire, If you don’t have a clue about these points, you simply ensure that you get the wheel alignment done regularly while servicing , well how often you need this, read on for more points of interest.

At the point when you do not align the tires on Time, it can likewise put you in risk. Unaligned arrangement of the vehicle’s wheels may bring about poor cornering and handling of your vehicle and this makes it less safe for the driver and its travelers, particularly in frigid and wet conditions. Also, drivers need to put more efforts for driving the vehicle when the tires are not adjusted as the vehicle will tend to direct to the other side which implies that the driver must need to always direct it when driving.


When to check your Car for Alignment?

  • Your vehicle endured a hit or a shot (Kerb or God-Forbid another vehicle)
  • You have observed an uneven or unusual tire wear
  • You encounter issues like the vehicle pulling off towards left or right and the steering not returning back effortlessly after taking turn
  • Whenever you replace steering and suspension components, ensure you don’t return home without a wheel alignment check at that service centre
  • Any of the above cases or after driving for 50,000 km a wheel alignment is recommended`


What If you ignore it?

  • You will require New Sets of tires quite soon, because of the strange wear caused by the defective wheel alignment.
  • The drive may not be as agreeable as was guaranteed by your auto merchant
  • Perfectly aligned wheels gives better contact surface between the tire and street and enhance the fuel economy.
  • You put the co-travelers and yourself at risk due to instability and hazards which faulty alignments pose.

How long does it take to complete wheel alignment?

Most probably it takes around 30 minutes to an hour time to accomplish the front and back wheel alignment. Despite the fact that at the service centres, you may hear engineering jargons like castor, camber and toe yet wheel arrangement really is an entirely straight-forward task. They will take your Car onto a platform that enables the wheels to turn while the rotation and a computer will examine the orientation of each wheel. They check specifications electronically for the year, make and model of your Car. If these specs are off, an adjustment will be made to each wheel until the point when they coordinate with required specifications. They will probably take your vehicle for a test drive before & after the alignment.


What do Wheel Balancing mean?

When a wheel rotates, there should be a proper balance of the weight along its rotating axis else there will be offensive vibrations and wobbling of the wheel. To avoid any unbalanced weights, your car requires wheel balancing. Technically Speaking, it is a procedure of equalizing the combined weights of the tyres and the wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speeds. The objective is to ensure the weight is even around the axle. At the point when the wheel rotates, asymmetries of mass makes it bounce or wobble, which can cause ride disturbances, generally vertical and sidelong vibrations.

Unbalanced tires additionally result in an increase in the tire wear. This is because to adjust for the additional stress on the tires that the imbalanced has made, the tires begin to wear from the edges, though with balanced tires, they wear from the centre. At the point when this happens, it implies that you should need to change your tires as they won’t longer furnish you with the necessary grip to drive securely.

So when you see either improperly aligned wheels or an unbalanced tires,  Make sure that you choose a technician that you can trust to address the issue as it brings increase in excessive tire wear and all the more vitally yet yours and others security in danger.


When to get your Car for balancing?

  • Your steering wheel vibrates at high speeds which is generally when the imbalance is in the front wheels
  • At high speeds Your seats and the floorboards vibrates which generally occurs when the imbalance is in the back wheels
  • Scalloped / cupped wear patterns on the tires.
  • Wheel balancing is recommended, After each 5,000 to 10,000 km of running.


What If you ignore it?

  • You will require New Sets of tires truly soon, because of the strange scalloping / cupping on the tire surface.
  • It puts uneven pressure on the tire threads / pattern which results in hot-spots and uneven wear.
  • Also, It will put extra pressure on vehicle bearing and suspension.
  • It can cause a cumulative loss if ignored in the beginning.


What Is Tire Rotation?

Mind you all. when we discuss tire rotation, we don’t mean truly mounting your car and really turning your tires. Tire rotation is a practice of swapping the front and back tires to even out wear. By design, the weight of front and back axles varies which brings about uneven distribution of load on the wheels. Depending upon the specifics of the vehicle, tire rotation might be recommended after every 8,000 km. A general law of tire swapping / rotation is governed by the type of drive-train viz. rear wheel / forward wheel / 4-wheel, and are portrayed below pictorially:

Four Wheel Drive Tyre rotation
Four Wheel Drive
Front Wheel Drive Tyre rotation
Front Wheel Drive
Rear Wheel Drive tyre rotation
Rear Wheel Drive
Unidirectional Tread Tyre rotation
Unidirectional Tread Tyre

How to restore the balance?

You need to take your car onto wheel balancing machine that can sense as little as 1/4-ounce (i.e. 7 grams) difference in weight around the wheel. Some might say that, why to worry over such an insignificant mass on a wheel that weighs numerous kilos? Around the axle, that small measure of weight is travelling very fast; Hundred Times a Minute which makes enough momentum to cause vibrations. Also, when you multiply it by 4 wheels, the wobble truly adds up.  Specialists at service centres follows some standard system that we have specified below:

  • Tire and wheel removal
  • Mounting each wheel on a best in class wheel balancing machine
  • Spinning each wheel to ensure the weight of the wheel and tire are balanced equitably around the axle
  • Detecting and locating any imbalance both static and dynamic (i.e. wheels checked, while in rest and motion)
  • Attaching a lead weight on the opposite side of the tire to adjust for weight differences
  • Remounting tires and wheels.


Servicing your car regularly will help you reduce the running cost of your car and it will keep you informed about your wheel alignment too. Using Navicarna App you can place order for interior cleaning as well as exterior cleaning of your car in addition to  regular car service at low cost near you.

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