Who We Are

" One stop shop for your car "

Trusted and Transparent NavicarnaNavicarna is a Trusted and Transparent one-stop-shop online platform specialised in cars. We have Android and iOS apps developed specifically from scratch by keeping our customers needs and requirements in focus. Navicarna provides car service, repair & maintenance, all types of car accessories and spare parts from a network of trusted and verified Car service centres near you at low cost. you can also buy Car care products, spare parts, Car accessories to decorate and personalise your car from our app through our trusted service partners.

You can look for New cars and their details & review from Navicarna app and if you like it, just click on enquire and buy the car from our trusted new car sellers near you. Buying new car from navicarna but what about your current car? Yes you guessed it right, sell your old car in just a click. You can buy Pre-owned cars too directly from sellers and also from our trusted dealers.


Trusted Network

Navicarna chooses its network based on quality of each service centres, the process it follows and the products it uses. We have a frequent evaluation process for service centres which helps us rate them. Any service centre can register with us but we rate them on the basis of genuinity of the products or parts they use and their overall service. We aim for high quality and thus, if we find any service centre which is below our quality standards, we discontinue it.


Being Transparent with Innovation

Love NavicarnaUsing so many features in one app could be difficult, and exactly that’s where we are unique. We have simplified each and every task which is hectic and time consuming for our customers. Searching for nearby service centre is easy with our map feature.  Also, according to car model, Car service centres and their rates are automatically displayed. So, Only Spare parts, Accessories and products compatible with your car are shown. Easily look for Pre-owned cars near you and sell your used car in single touch. Search for New cars and buy in a single touch. Navicarna is a life partner for your car.

Mr. Pratik S. Dhole founded Navicarna in March 2016. There is an interesting story behind the Inspiration to found navicarna. Check the story here.

Anyone who admire cars should definitely download  navicarna app immediately!

Wondering how Navicarna name came into existence? Check this page to know more.